Central Pa. Street Machines car show winners  July 5, 2015

Classes                   Car owner                   Vehicle                           City-State

 Class 1- 2 Wheel Drive Truck & Van to 2015                             
1st place                       Richard Yarger             1984 Chevy ElCamino                                  West Decatur, PA.
2nd place                      Vic Perry                      2004 Chevy SSR                                            Loyalsock, PA.
3rd place                      Skin Ripka                    1956 Ford Pickup Truck                                 Bellefonte, PA.

Class 2-Motorcycles All Cycles
1st place                       Jason Marconi              2003 Yamahug Motorcycle                            Lock Haven, PA.
2nd place                      Dan Reed                      1991 Suzuki Motorcycle                               Montoursville, PA.    
3rd place                      Tom Stevenson             1972 Suzuki T5-185 Motorcycle                   Woolrich, PA.

Class 3-2 Wheel Drive & Van to 2015
1st  place                      Bob Rossman                1955 Chevy Truck                                          Howard PA.
2nd place                      Jeff & Jared Roberts    1968 Dodge Power Wagon                             Bellefonte, PA.

Class 4-MoparA, B, & E Body 1967-1974
1st. place                      Michael Rowles            1970 Dodge Superbee                                    Centre Hall, PA.
2nd place                      Josh Beck                       2015 Jeep Wrangler                                      Julian, PA.     
Class 5-4 Wheel Drive Truck & Van (Custom) to 2015
1st place                       Tim Swank                    1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport                              Millmont, PA.

Class 6-Rat Rod (All Years)
1st  place                      Danielle Lykens            1940 Chevy Truck                                          Philipsburg, PA.
2nd place                      John Henry                    1977 Ford F100                                              Flemington, PA.
3rd place                      Terry Banfill                  Rat Rod                                                           Lock Haven, PA.

Class 7-4 Wheel Drive Truck & Van(Stock) to 2015
1st  place                      Bob Hartle                     Ford Truck 4X4                                              Lemont, PA.
2nd place                      Chuck Struble Jr.           2004 Chevy Colorado                                     Bellefonte, PA.
3rd place                      Kurt Gallagher               1976 Jeep J-10 Pickup                                    Lock Haven, PA.

Class 8-Open (Kit Car, Race Car, Boat, Etc.)
1st place                       Bruce Cameron              1966 FFR Cobra Replica                               Jersey Shore, PA.
2nd place                      John Henrey                   1963 Ford Falcon                                           Flemington, PA.
3rd place                      Nelson L. Haight           1967 Camaro Race Car                                  Jersey Shore, PA.

Class 9-Antique 1900-1990
1st place                       James Moltz Jr.             1978 Ford F150                                              Jersey Shore PA.
2nd place                      Marvin Cooper              1942 GMC 2 1/2 ton Military                         Avis, PA.          
Central Pa. Street Machines car show winners  July 5, 2015
Class 10-Production (2) 1974 to 1990 (non Antique)                                                                                  
1st place                       Craig Colocino                       1984 Monte Carlo                                 Lock Haven, PA.
2nd place                      Terry L. Hackenberg Sr.         1975 Ford Pinto                                    Lock Haven, PA.

Class 11-Production(1) 1987-2015
1ST place                     John Johnstonbaugh               2008 Ford Mustang                               Bellefonte, PA.
2nd place                      Roger Long Jr.                        2001 Ford Crown Vic                            Middleburg, PA.
3rd place                      Marlin Bressi                          2008 Pontiac Solstice GXP                   Milton, PA.

Class 12-Thunderbirds-All Years
1st place                       Elsie M. Klump                      1955 Ford Thunderbird                         Lock  Haven, PA.
2nd place                      William R. Shook Sr.                         1984 Thunderbird                                  Beech Creek, PA.

Class 13-Production (3) 1949-1973 (non-antique)
1st place                               Terry Prohaska                       1957 Chevrolet BelAir                          Philipsburg. PA.
2nd place                      Gary & Mary Halsnik            1967 Chevrolet Chevelle                       Clarence, PA.
3rd place                      Buzz Guthrie                          1949 Mercury                                                   Salladasburg, PA.

Class 14-Corvettes 1953-1973
1st place                       Randy Carson                         1965 Corvette                                        Jersey Shore, PA.
2nd place                      Dan & Susan Gillette             1963 Corvette                                        Moshannon, PA.
3rd place                      Robert & Janet Novosel         1965 Corvette                                        Howard, PA.

Class 15-Production Muscle Car to 1974
1st place                       Larry Williams                       1968 Chevrolet Chevelle SS                Unionville, PA.
2nd place                      Milford Watkins                     1967 Ford Fairlane                                Mill Hall, PA.
3rd place                      Randy Frazier                           1971 Ford Pantera                                Linden, PA.

Class 16-Corvettes 1974-1982
1st place                       Charlie & Fran Moyer                        1978 Corvette                                                   Trout Run, PA.

Class 17-Camaro & Firebird (Stock) 1967-1981
1st place                       Joe & Linda Russell               1969 Chevy Camaro Z28                      Bellefonte, PA.

Class 18-Corvettes 1984-1996
1st place                       Bob & Candy Scheurer          1993 Chevrolet Corvette                       Linden, PA.
2nd place                      Rick & Connie Perry              1993 Chevrolet Corvette                       S. Williamsport, PA
3rd place                      Gary Rumberger                     1987 Corvette                                                   Lamar, PA.

Class 19-Mustangs (Stock) 1964-1973         
1st place                       David Aunkst                              Ford Mustang GTA                                       Hughesville, PA.
2nd place                      Glen A. Frank                         1965 Ford Mustang                               Mill Hall, PA.

Class 20-Corvettes 1997-2005
1st place                       Ray & Kay Harmom              2004 Chevrolet Corvette                    Montoursville, PA.
2nd place                      John & Lavonia Voneida       2001 Chevrolet Corvette                    Trout Run, PA.
3rd place                      Allan Corman                         1999 Chevrolet Corvette                    Bellefonte, PA.

Class 21-Corvettes 2006-2015          
1st place                       Bill & Marlene Herbst          2008 Chevrolet Corvette                    Mansfield, PA.

Class 22-Antique (1)1900-1948
1st place                       Bob Fox                                  1936 Dodge                                        Hegins, PA.
2nd place                      James A. Berfield                   1940 Buick Special                            Lock Haven, PA.

Class 23-Un-Restored Original up to 1977
1st place           Dwight Smalley & Cooper Wells      1970 Buick Electra 225                      McElhattan, PA.
2nd place                      Buzz Guthrie                          1959 Ford                                          Salladasburg, PA.
3rd place                      Doug Stewart                          1970 Porsche 911T                              Lock Haven, PA.

Class 24-Tractors (All Years & Makes)
1st place                       Trevor Mauk                           1961 Cub Cadet tractor                      Pleasant Gap, PA.
2nd place                      Chris Mauk                             1941 John Deer BN tractor                Pleasant Gap, PA.

Class 25-Street Rods Steel Bodied up to 1948
1st place                       Robert Stutzman                     1934 Chevrolet                                   Muncy, PA.
2nd place                      Stanley Dudkin                       1933 Plymouth                                  Cedar Run, PA.

Class 26-Street Rods Glass Bodied up to 1948
1st Place                      Michael S. Novosel                1923 Ford T-Bucket                          Bellefonte, PA.
2nd place                      James Markle                         1934 Ford Coupe                               Bellefonte, PA.

Class 27-Modified Car (1) 1973-2015
1st place                       A. J.  Saclyn                            2011 Chevy Camaro SS/RS              Bellefonte, PA.
2nd place                      Cydney Smith                         2013 Chevrolet                                  Pleasant Gap, PA.
3rd place                      Keith McClintic                     1977 Ford, Mercury Capri                Coburn, PA.

Class 28-Production Muscle car 1975-2015
1st place                       Jerry & Linda Beck                2006 Mustang GT                              State College, PA.     
2nd place                      Abe Quinby                            2015 Challenger Hell Cat                  Dushore, PA.
3rd place                      Paul Najduch                          2011 Mustang GT                              Altonna, PA.

Class 29-Modifided Car (2) 1949-1972
1st place                       Jr. & Kitty Breon                    1955 Chevy Del Ray Coupe              Bellefonte, PA.
2nd place                      Jeff  Lover                              1957 Chevy Belair Nomad                New Columbia, PA.
3rd place                      Charles Dubbs                                    1965 Ford Mustang                           Milesburg, PA.
Central Pa. Street Machines car show winners  July 5, 2015

Class 30-Sports Compact (custom cars only)
1stplace                        Darlene J. Heitchen                1999 Pontiac Gran Am                       Rockwood, PA.

Class 31-Antique (2) 1949-1989
1st place                       Robert L.  Anderson               1963 Chevrolet                                   Bellefonte, PA.
2nd place                      Chris Holley                           1975 Dodge Dart                                Montgomery, PA.
3rd place                      Donny & Carol Musser          1972 Chevy Chevelle                         Moshannon, PA.

Class 32-Wash & Show (All Years & All Makes)
1st place                       Robert Etters                          1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass                   Howard, PA.
2nd place                      Ken & Brenda Etters              1955 International Truck                    Howard, PA.  

Class 33-Foreign & Sports Compact (Stock)
1st place                       Robert Stutzman                     1964 MGB                                          Greensburg, PA.
2nd place                      Robert E. Gohn Sr.                 1970 VW right hand Drive                 Flinton, PA.
3rd place                      Jim Fasold                              2005 MB ST6 Crossfire                     Danville, PA.

                                                                        Special Awards:

Deceased Members award     John Henry                 Ford F100 truck                      Lock Haven, PA.- $50.00
Wes Grand Award                  Bob Stahl                    1965 Ford Falcon                   Altoona, PA.-$100.00
Herb Spong Award                 Fran & Linda Mignot 1932 Ford Pickup tk               Linden, PA.- $100.00
Best Truck of Show                Timothy Perun            1957 Chevy Tk 3100              Cogan Station, PA.- $100.00
Best Car of Show                    Jeffrey Southard         2011 Chevy Camaro               Lawrenceville, PA. -$100.00
Best  Motorcycle                    Colby Hull                  2007 H. D. Street Glide          Mill Hall, PA.