Milesburg PA Apple Festival: Car, Truck, Motorcycle Show: Sept 29 2007

Although it was a cold morning drive with top down in my Triumph, it turned into a beautiful Fall day for the show at Milesburg. There were over 140 vehicles registered with lots of Corvettes and some interesting vintage cars like a 1935 Citroen of which I thought I had taken a picture.

I had the only British car but fellow next to me (Ralph Kepner) from Port Royal, PA said he is restoring a Triumph hopefully I won't be the only "British" at most of the local shows. One couple looked at my car and told me the steering wheel was on the wrong side. Turned out they were not only from England but were from Coventry where Triumph Cars were made. In the above pictures, my Triumph is shown at bottom.

Being an "Apple Festival" the food included wonderful apple dumplings with ice cream if desired (I did) and other yummy apple and other fruit dishes as well as the typical fare of sandwiches. The entertainment included several country & Western groups as well as several local high school bands. All in all it was a very nice show.

Only two club members were in attendance.... Bob "Speed" Deitrich (Top picture in middle) won 2nd place with his 1959 Corvette. I won 3rd in the "Two Seater Class" competing against Corvettes. I was disappointed there was no "Foreign Import" or "Sports Car" class other than Corvettes. It is difficult to compete against a Corvette since most are newer and have required little or no restoration. It was announced during the awards that next years show will break up the Corvettes into more categories. Hopefully this will give us "other sports car people" a better chance in the judging.

Tim Yoho: Webmaster and Club Member

Member Awards

Robert "Speed" Deitrich 1959 Corvette: 2nd Place Early Corvette Class (In Middle of Photo)
Tim Yoho 1958 TR3A: 3rd Place Two Seater Class (Included Corvettes)