Dale and Darla Dutton

1931 Model A Street Rod

Fellow car club member and friend Herb Spong (deceased) found the car for us. His sister in law worked for a bargain sheet run by a church in North Carolina. She said a man came in wanting to sell the car. The car was actually in Elizabethtown Pa.  Herbs sister in law knew Herb liked old cars so she sent the ad to him. He knew I was looking for one and showed me the ad.....I knew I had to have it. After making the deal, another club member, Don Eggelston, Herb and I brought it home with Don's trailer.

Two years and two months after bringing it home it was on the road. I did all the work except the paint and interior. I have a scrap book with pictures from start to finish. The engine is a 30 over 350 with a crane cam designed to work with the blower. The heads are lt1 heads that are ported and polished with 202 valves. I installed a methanol injection system to work as a chemical inter cooler. When the blower starts to make boost it sprays a 50/50 mix of water and methanol from a plate mounted under the carburetor and cools the intake charge. The methanol eliminates any knock or ping.

I also installed a 700r4 four speed overdrive automatic transmission for cruising at highway speeds. I built the rear suspension from one inch stainless heavy wall tubing......a ladder bar four link style.  I made all the brackets to mount it to the frame and rear end. It pretty much rides like a brick, but it's a hot rod, it doesn't have to ride like a Rolls Royce......Besides that’s why we have the Chevelle. As far as speed goes this thing is stupid fast! I put a locker in the rear so now it doesn't spin the tires much at all, it just hooks up and goes. It's very small inside with only 44 inches from door panel to door panel. We drove it to Columbus Ohio twice to the Goodguys nationals.     

1968 Chevy Chevelle

We bought the Chevelle from a young man in Stowe Ohio after seeing it on E-bay. After a few phone calls and E-mails we drove to Ohio to take a look. We think the car belonged to the young mans dad who had passed away recently. After we bought the car, he told us he never wanted to see it again. He told us his dad drove the car to Ohio from California so I checked the vin. number and found the car was built in Fremont CA. the third week of November1968.

The body and paint on the car is just the way we bought it. The first thing I did was to build a 454 to replace the 350 that was in the car. . After the engine was up and running I installed air conditioning. It sort of makes it a sissy car having air but it's nice on those hot summer days. I got rid of the 14 inch tires and wheels and went to 15 inch. This helped with gas mileage by lowering the rpm's on the highway. In 2009 on a trip to Columbus Ohio, we averaged 20 mpg.

I also installed a covan classics dash. It's a replacement dash with auto meter gauges. It fits just like the original but has all new gauges and tachometer. The old dash was so scratched and faded you couldn't read them. After we drove it about a year I installed a 700r4 overdrive transmission and a console with a floor shifter The Chevelle is the long distance cruiser, it's got a ton of room and rides like a dream.