Member John Bryerton: 1930 Ford Cabriolet & 1934 Pontiac

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1930 Ford Cabriolet ( Briggs body )

I understand that Walter Briggs started out making interiors and tops for Ford Motor Company.  They made all the interiors and tops for the Model T and Model A.   Briggs apparently had a lot to do with the design of the Model A body and actually had the capability to stamp body parts.   I was always under the opinion that Briggs was modifying Models A’ that came off the reproduction line.  I found out later that all Cabriolet bodies were made by Briggs Body and they made everything but the Fenders. For an interesting history of Walter Briggs CLICK HERE.

When I bought this car it was in good shape but as the owner said....... It needs to be “Fixed Up”. 

I actually drove it around some before I started the restoration.  The car was painted yellow and people thought it came from Circus.  I decided to repaint it and one thing after another and finally the car was completely dismantled.   Every metal part was sand blasted and bad parts were pounded out, welded or replaced.   All the wood had to be replaced and I copied every wooden part from the original. 

I had a guy in Chambersburg install front fended pockets for the side mounts.  He had some original dealer cut out tools that located them perfectly.  He even spot welded them in place like Ford. 

As shop in Paradise PA poured the new bearings and re-ground the crank. I did the rest of the engine work.

The top was the worst job.  Almost impossible to do it by yourself and the instruction sheet was useless.    The instruction said......  “Here it is - put it on “. Somehow I got it stretched over the bows and tacked in place.  It’s not perfect but close enough for an amateur.  

Gene Guthrie did the beautiful leather interior and is a real expert on the Model A.

6 wheels were blasted and powder coated by Horizon in Williamsport.   Body paint is Nitrocellulose Lacquer with polyurethane enamel fenders. Paint is original colors.    Thanks to the EPA, only one company in the USA is selling Nitrocellulose Lacquer. It is very hard and makes a beautiful finish. 

Wood graining was done processionally.... I can only take credit for sending the check.
I might add.....  Beautiful but not cheep ! 

Fortunately a Model A is very easy to restore. There is a guy in Watsontown that has a barn full of Model A parts and you can buy almost everything re-pro.  If you want to restore a car, do a Model A.  

I have about 5 years of weekends and evenings but as compared to my 34 Pontiac, it was a “Piece of Cake”.


1934 Pontiac