Club Member's Car Featured in Pontiac Enthusiast Magazine


Malcolm Myers Street Machine Member took his 1976 Trans AM to the All GM Show in Carlisle in June not knowing his car would be featured in a major Muscle Car Magazine. His car won first place in his category and his wife Deb made a prophetic statement regarding cars in the same competition:

There were also two very nice blue and white Trans Ams that are sitting back to back. We were told they had even been in magazines!!!  So we were very thrilled to have taken a first over such strong competitors! It was our first time to show at Carlisle and it was a great week end.

Little did Deb know that Mac's car would appear in the Nov/Dec Issue os Pontiac Enthusiast Magazine. Mac said that he came home from work recently and noticed the magazine on a table at his home. He did a double take and said to Deb "Does that car on that magazine cover look familiar?" Deb who thought it was just another one of Mac's many magazines had not even looked at the cover....until then...... Someone else at another show in the future may now say "See that Trans AM...It was featured in Pontiac Enthusiast!

The full article with pictures appears below. Some of the pictures are not the best quality because photos were split between pages. The magazine has other great articles and is published bi-monthly by Amos Press, Inc., 911 Vandemark Road, Sidney, Ohio 45356.

SOURCE: Pontiac Enthusiast Nov/Dec 2008 Edition Pages 26-30.

JUST IN: MORE ACCOLADES: ....Mac Won "Best In Show" On Saturday Nov 1st. at all Pontiac show  hosted by The Delaware Valley Old goat Club. The show was held at the Atco Raceway. Atco N.J.  The show was called The Pontiac Fall Nationals. Click For Picture of Trophy


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